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What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a process that uses high-pressure water (up to 4000 PSI) to clean and remove debris from a variety of surfaces. It can break up and remove grease, sludge, and tree roots from sewer drainage pipes. It is a great way to clean out your drains, pipes, and sewer system. Almost any obstruction can be removed with water that has been pressured to this degree. Hydro jetting can be compared to high-pressure washing for pipes.
Hydro jetting is a safe and effective way to clean your drains and pipes, and it can also help prevent future problems from occurring. Whether dealing with clogged drains or damaged pipes, hydro jetting can get the job done quickly and effectively. This process involves inserting a hose into the affected area and applying high-pressure water to blast away any debris causing a blockage.

Water under high pressure can damage or even break frail, older pipes. Before hydro jetting, your sewer repair contractor will do a CCTV video inspection to ensure your pipe is in good condition. The contractor will also want to ensure your drainage pipe isn’t collapsed instead of clogged. If it is, no amount of hydro jetting will fix it. The pipe will need to be replaced instead.

The contractor accesses the pipe via something called a ‘cleanout.’ This is a section of pipe with a cap on it that provides easy access to your drainage system. The nozzle and hose are inserted into the pipe via the cleanout. Whenever the nozzle encounters an obstruction, the jetting system shoots pressurized water at it until it breaks up and washes away.

Only experienced contractors should hydro jet your pipes. An experienced hydro jetting contractor will know the precise water pressure necessary to break up and dislodge obstructions without damaging the pipe. This is why hydro jetting is not a DIY project.

Hydro Jetting Benefits

Many benefits come with hydro jetting, including:
Improved drainage

Over time, pipes can become clogged with grease, sludge, and other debris. This can lead to slow draining or even complete blockages. Hydro jetting can help remove these buildups and improve water flow through your pipes.

Preventative maintenance

Regular hydro jetting can help to prevent future clogs and blockages from occurring. By removing the buildups of debris now, you can avoid major problems down the road.

Environmentally friendly:

Hydro jetting is a great alternative to using harsh chemicals or other damaging methods to clean your drains. The high-pressure water does all the work, so there is no need for harmful chemicals.


Hydro jetting is a cost-effective way to clean your drains and pipes. In most cases, it will be much cheaper than replacing your pipes entirely.

Hydro Jetting Downsides


hydro jetting can be a messy process involving high-pressure water being sprayed through your pipes. There may be some water damage to your property as a result.


hydro jetting can be a more expensive option than other drain cleaning methods. However, it is often worth the cost to avoid major problems down the road.

Hydro jetting is still a great option for keeping your drains and pipes clean and clear despite these downsides.

Regular Hydro Jetting Reduces Drain Problems

Hydro jetting can help reduce the number of drain problems you experience. This is because hydro jetting can remove buildups of the debris before they have a chance to cause a blockage. By hydro jetting your pipes regularly, you can avoid major clogs and other issues. Homeowners can benefit from sewer cleaning. It is a great way to keep your drains and pipes clear and debris-free. For commercial customers, hydro jetting is recommended once a year; for homeowners, it’s best to schedule this service every two or three years to prevent major problems down the line like costly plumbing repairs!

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